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The latest release (currently 4.51) can be downloaded from:

[WWW] ftp://bdi4emc.ourproject.org/pub/bdi4emc/

[WWW] http://www.tabletopmachinewiki.com/wiki/EMC_BDI-4

[WWW] http://www.cncgear.com/EMC/BDI/

bdi-4.51.iso 5d1b95d42ec26ea227abcd8bc7112a98

An older BDI-4.38 release is still available. Please consider using the current release to take advantage of bug & security fixes.

[WWW] http://mirrors.neuron.com/emc-bdi/

BDI-4.38 md5sum: 0f74ceef21faff217d9ae1abd252e8cd

If you are unable to download a 622Meg file, post a request to the mailing list. Chances are, someone will be willing to send you a copy.

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